Unity Fellowship Church of Philadelphia Youth Department started in 2006 with, Brittiany Mason, and her passion for young people and the arts, which has proven to be an inspiration for all to bring their gifts and talents. Now in 2008 our team is reinventing and starting a new using our own gifts and talents that God has blessed us with to be able  to reach the masses of youth in and around Philadelphia with a special focus being but not limited to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth community. Through God and our elder leaders as our guide we are creating safe spaces for the youth of today to be exactly who and what God has called us to be. We are crossing barriers as we open our hearts and doors to say “Come as you are no matter how young, who you love or who you choose to be”. In this city of brotherly love and sisterly affection we must support, love and build up our young brothers and sisters to be the true light of God, knowing that we are accepted by God by being visible to God, as well as ourselves and in our community. We live our lives believing God is love and love is for everybody including you!

Youth Department – Mission

The Youth Department of Unity Fellowship Church Philadelphia’s mission is to educate, empower, inform and build sisterly and brotherly bonds through Christ. As a ministry of vibrant youth and young adults, it is our goal to create and affirm an all inclusive space where youth and young adults alike can encounter God and his love. We believe that through our spiritual ministry we can advocate from a social justice standpoint to reach the youth of Philadelphia and beyond.

Youth Department – Purpose

–          To encourage, empower and support our youth through education, social reform and ministry.

–          To unite all youth in the state of Pennsylvania non discriminative of color, gender or sexual preference.

–          To meet the youth where they are through love and reach their needs creating avenues for them to shine through dance, music, film, support groups, etc…

Music Ministry – Vision Statement