I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Philadelphia where God Is Love and Love Is For Everyone. Come and join us as we participate in worship service and classes that express liberation theology that is geared towards the acceptance of everyone including  gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people of faith. We are welcoming, inclusive, open, affirming and a diverse congregation.

We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, but do not dismiss all other faiths and beliefs as wrong or second to our way of believing. To us God is spirit, alive and at work in the Moslem Mosque, the Jewish Synagogue, the Christian Church and the Tribal Ritual.

We believe that in order to practice love we must be involved in the affairs of society, fight for social justice by meeting the need in feeding the hungry, cloth the naked, visit the prisons, house the homeless, visit the sick and shut-ins.

Here at UFCCP, everyone is accepted and welcomed just as they are. I also want you to know that no pope, bishop, priest, rabbi, imam or preacher can separate you from the love of God. So come and join us as we walk the path towards true freedom and liberation for all God’s people.

Rev. Jeffery A. Haskins

Pastor & Founder, UFCC Philadelphia